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Dental Implant specialists - British Dental Technology approved.

As a brief introduction to us, we were founded in 1992 and established a small dental laboratory in Union Street in the centre of Dundee. As the years passed we continued to grow and after 10 years built a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility at George Buckman Drive to house the vast number of products and services we can now offer, specialising in dental appliances and dental implants. As a forward-thinking dental lab we have developed into one of the most technologically advanced in the UK and provide many specialised dental products and dental services to clinicians and technicians alike. We have recently extended our facility to include our digital dentistry wing where we can receive digital impressions from a variety of platforms, also scan, design and mill a wide variety of the latest products, we can also access milling centres around the world if required.

We have a dedicated fully qualified team of technicians, office staff and drivers who are always ready to help. The 2 owners and working directors Sandy Cruickshank and Ken Scott are also on hand to give advice when required. The lab adopts an open house policy and we encourage visits to discuss your needs and view the latest innovations in dentistry. Thank you for your time.