Traditional Dental Crown & Bridge Introduction

This section deals with the more traditional method’s of manufacture, like the lost wax casting and pressing of various materials. Products we have used over many years that are tried and tested. As a lab we use Ivoclar porcelains from our D-Sign metal bonding to the ever popular E-Max range, keeping to one company we are able to mix and match different restoration types with good shade matching over the range. The precious metals we use are manufactured by Argen and supplied in the UK by Skillbond. We provide restorations for the NHS Independent and Private sectors.

Dental Restoration Types

Conventional veneers
Full metal shell crowns, inlay/onlay, splints and veneers in precious & non precious alloys
Pressed E-Max crowns & bridges
Pressed E-max inlays onlays and veneers
Diagnostic waxing for restorative design