At A-Plus we provide a wide selection of removable options from NHS, Independent and Private sectors.

We deal with many of the main suppliers of Teeth and Acrylics and can offer a wide choice of denture teeth from the very basic to the most expensive Private ranges and a lot in between. High impact acrylics injection moulding and flexible base acrylics are used as well as metal chrome cobalt and titanium skeleton bases, all these combinations ensure that we can restore what ever comes our way in some shape or form. Some of these products like the BPS system from Ivoclar, or Valplast flexible options are only available for the Private sector. We also produce gum shields, bite raisers, bleaching trays and some orthodontic appliances.

Ivocap denture with nexco staining

SR Nexco Gingival Solution- This is a light cure material that provides us with the ability to produce a true to nature prosthetic gingiva for fixed and removable dentures.

Ivocap Denture with optiglaze staining

Optiglaze Staining- Optiglaze colour is a staining technique which adds colour, surface gloss and a high shine. It also gives us the ability to create life like staining to all your fixed and removable prosthetics.

Solvay Dental 360

We can now offer a new lightweight removable partial denture made from Ultaire AKPhigh performance polymer. Solvay 360 areone of the leading manufacturers in metal free solutions. UltaireTM AKP is a biocompatible,lightweight, taste free, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritant material. An excellent addition to our private partial denturerange.


We have been successfully manufacturing Valplast flexible dentures since 2009. Valplast is the original flexible partial denture material, established in 1953 with over 5 million happy patients worldwide.

Enigma Cosmetic Dentures

Enigma colour tones we find, replicates the unique appearance of each patients’ natural gingival tissue. To reproduce these colourations Enigma Colour Tone has been produced in 8 colours. These are applied as layers in the denture flask, (heat cured).

Diamond-D Acrylic

A high impact acrylic that we use for our private dentures. The material gives the right translucency and colour variation found in natural tissues. Aesthetics are very important and we find Diamond-D is at the high end for achieving best results.

BPS – Biofunctional Prosthetic System

As a certified lab BPS enables us to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our work in using this standardised procedure in fabricating dentures. Maximizing function, and giving comfort and natural appearance to the patient, this system allows the technician to adopt exactly most patient’s requirements. With technician support from start to completion of dentures.

Cobalt Chromes

Chrome Design Ltd is a dental laboratory specialising in bespoke chrome cobalt framework. MikeO’Rourke, its director has been a technician for over 40 years both in UK and Spain. Materials they mainly work with are Wironium and Vitallium 2000 Plus. These particular materials are two of the finest metals on the market today,presenting extremely high strength and elasticity properties, which in turn enables us to manufacture very fine, comfortable metal frames for your patients. All metals used at Chrome Design are both nickel and beryllium free and hold no contra indications for allergies, or any other health conditions.

Tooth Coloured Clasps

The use of Bredent Bio Dentaplast creates a more superior comfort as well as aesthetically pleasing for the patient than metal clasping,this is due to its exceptional behaviour and gentleness to natural teeth.

Diagnostic wax up

Diagnostic Wax Up- We can provide you with a mock up of the final restoration, whether it be a single crown or a full arch. This allows the patient to envision exactly what their new teeth will look like.

Sports Mouthguards

All our custom fit mouthguards are formed using Erkoflex or Proform, these are both medical and food grade materials that comply with known International and European regulations. We offer an extensive colour and design range, from single colour to striped and mixed, all customised to your patient’s request.